Incipio Esquire Series Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

Incipio Esquire Galaxy Note 8 AM AH 0080

Incipio has come out with its own line of cases for Samsung’s latest smartphone that allows you to “Do Bigger Things”. One of the cases in that lineup is part of the Esquire Series, which is a rather interesting set of cases for the Galaxy Note 8. Offering an interesting look and feel for the device. We’ve been using it on the Galaxy Note 8 for a few days now, and really like the look and feel of the case, but is it worth picking up? Let’s find out.

The Carnaby case in the Esquire Series – which is the case we have here, there is also the Carnaby Folio case which is the same, but it’s a folio instead of a regular case – is available in three colors. There’s blue, forest gray and gray. The ones we have in hand are the gray and blue colors, which look stunning on the Orchid Gray Galaxy Note 8. Incipio says that these cases were designed to be “an extension of your wardrobe”, and these do look like they could match your jeans, as they have a similar look to denim. This fabric and material makes the case look great, and not plain like some other cases out there, but it also protects your Galaxy Note 8 from those everyday scraps and scuffs that will inevitably happen with your Galaxy Note 8.


With Incipio’s use of fabric on the back of this case, it makes it easier to hold onto the Galaxy Note 8, even though it is a larger device. It adds plenty of grip to the back of the device, and the sides as well. This is all done without adding a ton of bulk to the Galaxy Note 8, which is already a rather large smartphone in the first place. Now it does add a little bit of bulk, and that is to be expected, seeing as it does add quite a bit of protection. Now this case has been drop tested and has survived, but that doesn’t mean you should go around dropping the Galaxy Note 8 whenever you want. There is always that chance that it could land just right and shatter your display. And that is something no one wants to see.

As usual with any case, there is an array of cut outs available for using different features of the Galaxy Note 8. For instance, you’ll find cut outs on the bottom of the Galaxy Note 8 for the S Pen silo, one for the USB-C port, and one for the 3.5mm headphone jack. On top of that, there is also a hole for the speaker and another for the microphone. Speaking of the microphones, there’s another at the top as well. There is also a cut out on the back for the dual-camera, flash and fingerprint modules. This makes it easier to find that fingerprint sensor, especially if you aren’t used to where it is placed on the Galaxy Note 8. And you won’t have to worry about touching the camera lens by mistake. Now there are no cut outs for the buttons on the left and right sides. But they are indented and pretty easy to press. They are a bit firm at first, but the more you use the case, the easier they are to press.

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The Carnaby case in the Esquire Series from Incipio is definitely a looker on the Galaxy Note 8. And perhaps more importantly, it adds quite a bit of protection to the case on the Galaxy Note 8. As that is really the real reason why you buy a case for any smartphone – for protection. This one does cost around $34.99, so it’s a tad bit more than some others, like those from Caseology, Spigen or Lumion, but you are paying for higher quality materials and a better looking case (of course, some may prefer the look of other cases over this one). You can pick up the Incipio Esquire Series cases from either Amazon or Incipio’s own website. Both have them listed at the same price, although Amazon does offer faster shipping with Amazon Prime.

Buy the Incipio Esquire Series Case for Galaxy Note 8 Buy the Incipio Esquire Series Case for Galaxy Note 8 (Incipio.com)