Huawei Outs The First Ever 5G Antenna Deployment Solution

Huawei Logo 2017 AH 7

Huawei debuted the first ever 5G antenna deployment solution earlier this week, with the Chinese tech giant creating its offering in collaboration with Telefónica Deutschland, a Munich, Germany-based mobile and broadband service provider. The two partners detailed the solution at the latest iteration of the Global Antenna Technology & Industry Forum held in Telefónica Deutschland’s home city on Thursday, noting how they specifically designed it to facilitate the deployment of 5G technologies and eliminate various obstacles to the quicker development of this emerging telecommunications segment.

The 5G-oriented offering entails a TDD 3.5 GHz Massive MIMO antenna coupled with a 14-port multi-band antenna and seeks to support both the existing 4G LTE networks and 4.5G services, as well as the upcoming 5G technologies, Huawei said. The 4T4R configuration utilized by the two companies is said to be relatively future-proof regardless of how exactly the 5G standard ends up being defined, with the deployment solution being meant to provide a smooth transition from 4G to 4.5G networks, and ultimately enable an equally painless 5G jump. Huawei and Telefónica Deutschland believe that this particular configuration will become the most common antenna for 5G networks as it supports all sub-3GHz bands and was designed to function as part of a Massive MIMO system. Additionally, comprehensive 5G-oriented antennas like the newly unveiled one also save physical space, which is yet another reason why its creators are confident in its commercial success. The two telecom giants will soon start offering their solution to potential partners but no more details regarding its availability have yet been provided by either firm.

Germany profiled itself as a leader in 5G advancements on the Old Continent in recent years, with many initiatives aimed at facilitating the development of the fifth generation of mobile networks originating from the country with the strongest economy in Europe. Earlier this month, Deutsche Telekom deployed the first 5G antennas on the continent and showcased their capabilities in a real-life scenario in the middle of the highly populated Schöneberg district of Berlin. Huawei’s newly unveiled 5G deployment solution depicted below has even bigger potential implications in the short and medium term, though it remains to be seen whether the company is successful at pitching it to the European telecommunications industry.