Huawei AppStore Coming To Android Devices In Europe

Huawei Mate S AH NS logo 1

The Huawei AppStore is making its way out of China and is soon coming to Europe, the Shenzhen-based tech giant announced earlier this week at its Eco-Connect Europe 2017 event in Berlin. The digital marketplace for smartphones and tablets will be live on the Old Continent at some point in Q1 2018, Huawei said, without providing a more specific time frame for its availability. The original equipment manufacturer described the move as the latest step in its endeavor to additionally reinforce its already strong position in the European consumer electronics and services market where it’s been selling mobile devices for a number of years. The upcoming platform will be pre-installed on all Huawei devices released in Europe from next year onward, the OEM said.

The Huawei Video Service is also set to launch on Android handsets next year, the company confirmed, though it’s still unclear whether the streaming platform will debut alongside the Huawei AppStore. The new Android app store is meant to provide consumers with a selection of what Huawei deems are “high-quality” mobile tools and games which already proved to be popular among consumers. It’s understood that the digital marketplace will only be available on Huawei-made devices, similar to how Samsung’s Galaxy Apps platform is meant to ennoble the South Korean company’s first-party offerings. Huawei is also planning to deliver a new app recommendation service to European consumers, in addition to improving its regionally sold devices with the addition of the Huawei Themes Store. The latter is meant to serve as a straightforward method of personalizing a Huawei smartphone with various skins and icons, as suggested by the Chinese firm.

The Huawei Video Service is said to offer a wide variety of content with no ads but Huawei has yet to name any specific partners supporting the launch of its streaming platform. The recently introduced Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro, and Mate 10 Lite are all expected to benefit from Huawei’s upcoming services, with the company still being adamant to differentiate its offerings through a combination of software and hardware. Huawei’s latest tech conference also saw the company reiterate its commitment to Europe in terms of commercial presence and business investments, with its officials stating that the firm continues nurturing digital talent across the continent and is determined to maintain this approach in the future.

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