Here Is The Latest Render Said To Be Of The OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T Render 01

A new render said to be of the OnePlus 5T has now made its way online courtesy of SlashLeaks. The origin of the render has not been confirmed so it is unclear as to how authentic the image is. However, if it is authentic, and if it is of the OnePlus 5T, then it seems as though a follow-up to this year’s OnePlus smartphone will likely follow in the footsteps of many other 2017 smartphones, by adopting a bezel-less design, and quite possible, an 18:9 aspect ratio.

Now this is not the first time that a render of the OnePlus 5T has made its way online as one did only a few days ago. That image does bare some resemblance to this model further adding weight to the suggestion that this is indeed the OnePlus 5T. That is however, if you take both images at face value and assume one or both to be authenticate. As in spite of these two renders having now shown up, and in spite of rumors of a OnePlus 5T coming to market having come through for months now, there has also been clear suggestions that OnePlus has no intention of releasing a ‘T’ model this year.

Instead, the other line of speculation suggests that OnePlus would prefer to hold out and concentrate on the release of the OnePlus 6. With the added suggestion that OnePlus intends to release the 6 at some point in “early 2018” which implies that it will launch earlier than expected. As for reference, the current OnePlus 5 was not announced until the latter half of June, 2017. The likelihood of the former is likely to be highly dependent on the accuracy of the latter. As with it now being mid-October, if OnePlus is to announce and/or launch the OnePlus 5 earlier than usual and specifically during the opening months of the year, then it would seem highly unlikely that a OnePlus 5T will arrive before then. In either case, what has managed to add some further speculation of late is that OnePlus seems to be out of stock of both the 6GB and 8GB RAM versions of the OnePlus 5, with some arguing this is further evidence that the company is readying for the release of a new device.