Google's Smart Sound Adapts Audio Based On The Environment

Google's Smart Sound technology adapts audio based on the surrounding environment, letting get the best possible listening experience no matter where you are. Smart Sound is built within Google's new Home Max speaker and it works, like much of Google's technology, thanks to the artificial intelligence and machine learning backbone that Google has laid down as the foundation. The idea with Smart Sound is that if the environment you're in is noisy, the audio will be adjusted based on that to make sure it's loud enough for you to hear. More than that though, it can also adjust other elements like the bass too.

While it's easy enough to adjust the volume on a Google Home speaker using Google Assistant, the Smart Sound takes things to the next level by automating that task so users don't have to concern themselves with it. If the speaker is closer to the wall or in a larger room, the Smart Sound feature will tune the volume to be louder so that it can fill the entire room with sound and ensure that the user is able to hear it. If the speaker is moved to a smaller room or the room suddenly gets quieter, the feature can adjust the volume down to meet the quieter setting.

The Smart Sound technology will also adjust the audio to remove and sound anomalies that may occur. The feature is also perfect for parties or perhaps in an office setting where there may be more people around and the ambient sound within the environment is constantly increasing and decreasing, mainly because users won't have to worry about constantly turning the volume up or down, which could become a tedious task if it has to happen over and over. The Smart Sound feature in the Google Home Max will be joined by all of the same features as the Google Home speaker, along with the newly announced Broadcast feature that will let users send a message to all of their smart home devices simultaneously so everything can be managed and controlled in sync, which not only makes things more convenient, but also makes things more efficient and should save users time.

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