Google's New Premium Pixelbook Chromebook Now Official


Google has been making a number of hardware announcements today and one of those was the introduction of a new Chromebook. However, this is no ordinary Chromebook as the new "Pixelbook" name alone highlights that this is designed to be a premium offering and on this occasion – premium can also be interpreted as costly. As Google has now confirmed that the Pixelbook will be available to buy in the US by the end of October priced at $999. A price which although expensive in terms of laptops in general, is considerable expensive in the land of Chromebooks, as these are devices largest considered to be intentionally affordable. Which in many respects is the point here as the Pixelbook is being positioned by Google as a Chromebook that is not necessarily designed for everyone, but more so as an example of what a Chromebook, and by association Chrome OS, is capable of. Therefore this latest Chromebook is likely to be a device that appeals to those looking for the absolute best in class experience on offer with Chrome OS.

Needless to say that with this Chromebook being priced as it is, it is a device that sets the Chromebook bar high in terms of the specs. For example, besides the 12.3-inch display, this Chromebook is available in multiple RAM configurations up to 16GB, and multiple storage configurations up to 512GB storage. Although it is worth mentioning that the $999 price is the price for the baseline RAM and storage model. One Pixelbook feature that is commonly found now on most high-end Chromebooks is its ability to be transformed into more of a tablet-like device. As the Pixelbook is fully equipped with a rotating hinge that allows the display to fold back behind the keyboard and assume a tablet position. Something which is likely to play very well with the Pixelbooks's almost purpose-built for Android apps nature. The merging of Chrome OS and Android apps is something that has been a high priority for the Chrome OS team in 2017 and Google is likely positioning this Chromebook option as a prime example of how Android apps can and should run on a Chromebook going forward. In fact, to further facilitate the emphasis on its touch screen, the Pixel Book is also now confirmed as compatible with a new stylus, the Pixelbook Pen. Although it is being sold as a separate purchase, priced at $99.

One of the other major features worth noting with the Pixelbook is that this is now confirmed as the first Chromebook to come equipped with the Google Assistant. Although other notable aspects include 10 hour battery life, a 2 hour battery recharge in as little as 15 minutes, USB Type-C power port, and more. For those looking to be the first to get their hands on the new Pixelbook, Google notes it is opening up pre-orders through the Google Store from today.


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