Googler Explains Google Store's Android Wear Section Removal


Google removed the Android Wear store page from the Google Store due to the Android Wear section not actually stocking any made by Google products. This follows on from the reports that emerged within the last 24 hours stating that the Android Wear section had suddenly disappeared from view on the Google Store, leading some to speculate on the reason why.

Since then however, Googler Hoi Lam who works on Android Wear took to Twitter to alleviate any confusion stating that the reason why the change took place is due to the Google Store now only stocking "Google made hardware." Following on from that initial tweet, Lam also went on to further explain that the company has been working hard to create custom storefronts with other retailers for products not made by Google. Like for example the selection of Android Wear products and the fact there is now a custom Android Wear storefront on Amazon. Of course at the time what made this all the more confusing is that Google had only the day before hosted a hardware event where it introduced a number of new hardware-related products. So while the timing seemed to be more suggestive than it actually was, with the changes that were going live to the Google Store for all the new products that were arriving, it made sense that at the same time Google would remove aspects that it no longer plans to support directly on the Google Store, including the whole Android Wear section.

Something which makes even more sense when considering that yesterday's hardware event included pretty much everything other than a smartwatch. As Google not only introduced two new smartphones in the form of the Pixel 2 and 2 XL, but also two new Google Home units, a new Daydream VR headset, a new high-end Chromebook, a new camera, and even a new pair of headphones. Along with a whole new 'Made For Google' initiative which looks to support third-party products made directly for the company's hardware portfolio. Which for reference, are products that will also be available via the Google Store, in spite of them not actually being 'made by Google.'

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