Google Pixelbook Pricing Starts At $999, Pre-Orders Open Today


Google announced a number of new hardware products today including a new Chromebook in the form of the Google Pixelbook. This is a product that seems designed for the upper echelon of the Chromebook market as now that it has been announced we are starting to get a better understanding of the pricing and by all accounts, this is not designed to be an affordable Chromebook. First off, Google has now confirmed that the Pixelbook is becoming available to pre-order starting from today with a view to becoming generally available online and in store starting from October 31. The Pixelbook will only initially be available to pre-order through the Google Store, although once it is generally available it will be available through a number of major retailers in the US including Best Buy. In terms of the pricing, this will largely be dependent on which model is chosen as Google has announced three different RAM and storage configuration options.

At the lower end of the Pixelbook scale is the variant which comes equipped with 128GB storage and is priced at $999 in the US. For those looking for more storage Google is also making available a 256GB version as well as a 512GB model, although the company has yet to provide extended pricing information as of yet. In addition to the actual Pixelbook, Google is also making available a new stylus designed with the Pixelbook in mind. This is one which has been officially introduced as the Pixelbook Pen and in spite of the high starting price of the Pixelbook, the Pixelbook Pen is being sold as an optional accessory with its price coming in at $99. So those looking to pick up the full Pixelbook expereince, and at the most affordable rate, will be looking at $1,098 in total, the price of both the 128GB Pixelbook and the Pixelbook Pen.

While this is a high priced item, it is one which is designed to showcase the best hardware on offer with a Chromebook. So besides the actual stylus, this is a Chromebook which is almost a completely aluminium affair – as it does come with a Pixel-style glass panel on the top as well. In addition, this Chromebook looks to offer enhanced portability through the inclusion of a foldable hinge that allows the Pixelbook to be used in a tablet mode, as well as in a traditional laptop mode, and varying degrees in between. Adding to its feature list is the inclusion of a 12.3-inch display, up to 16GB RAM, USB Type-C ports, and of course, a tight integration with the Google Play Store and by association, Android apps.


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