Google Makes The Case For Home Mini With 10 Mini Videos


Google's new Google Home Mini can do almost everything that its full-size and jumbo cousins can do, including new features just announced today, and Google made a series of ten short videos, none over a minute, to prove that to you. The ten videos start with an overview of the Google Home family's smallest member, which lasts one minute and the longest video. The rest all show off a specific feature of the diminutive new smart speaker, from helping out in the kitchen to enabling a couple to fight over what music to play without having to dust off the CD sleeve.

The overview video glosses over the features of the new Google Home Mini, and is fittingly titled "Small and mighty." Indeed, this new entrant in the smart speaker arena is just as capable and versatile as its larger cousins. It can recognize people speaking to it, has full access to Google Assistant and all of its backend features, and can tie into compatible smart home products, with the same extra features for Nest products that the larger Google Homes have. If your hands are covered in raw chicken juice and you need to know what you should do next with said chicken, asking Google to proceed to the next step in the recipe is simple. If it's time for bed, just tell Google, and you'll find your lights dimmed among other bedtime functions. Just like the larger variants of Google Home, of course, all of these commands hinge on the preferences and personal data of the person speaking to the speaker.

Though it's just as capable as the full size model, the Google Home Mini costs about half as much, coming in at only $49. While the smaller speaker can't blast sound like its full-sized cousins, it's just as good at listening and computing answers for you. It's available for pre-order now in chalk and charcoal colors to complement any decor, and those who choose to buy it online from the Google Store can also get it in an eye-catching Coral that wouldn't be out of place in a nursery, or among personal treasures of various soft colors. No matter what color you get it in, expect to see it heading your way on October 19.


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