Google Home With A Screen May Be Referenced In Google App

The Google Home with a screen may be referenced in the Google App version 7.14.15, as the APK contains many references in the code to something named Quartz, which could be an upcoming Google Home device with a built-in display that the company was rumored to be building to compete with Amazon's Echo Show. That said, important things to note here are that while Quartz seemingly referenced a lot in the code, the earlier rumored Google Home with a display was said to be codenamed Manhattan, so this could be an entirely different device, or it could also refer to a new on-screen interface for Google Home that would allow users to interact with their Home devices through a TV.

Throughout all of the code references, Quartz is mentioned alongside a number of different things which sound like features that users will be able to interact with, such as watching YouTube videos and controlling other types of media like music, as well as volume and playback. Beyond that, Quartz will also allow people to set timers, which should be a fairly useful feature that actually would tie in nicely with one of the other available features, which is helping people with cooking and recipes. As one would probably expect the cooking and recipes integration would let people view recipe instructions on the display, as well as show ingredients needed and potentially related videos showing you how to carry out the required steps for completing whatever it is you'd be cooking.

There are a handful of other features that are mentioned in the code of the Google app as well. In addition to being able to display YouTube videos and cooking details, Quartz will also let users browse the web and view Google Maps information, should the user need to look up directions right then and there when they're already using Quartz. You should also be able to view your Photos gallery, and simply have it display a screen saver when not in use. There's still no telling if Quartz is an actual new hardware device or not, or whether it's the same device that was referred to as Manhattan before or another new Home device with a screen. That said m ore details are likely to surface on this in the near future.

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