Google Home Gains 'Night Mode' With Latest Android App Update


Google Home is now in the process of gaining a new 'Night mode' thanks to an update that started rolling out to the Google Home app yesterday. At present, the new Night mode only seems to be available to those who have enrolled in the Google Home Preview Program and those members will need to ensure that they have updated their app to the latest version for the new functionality to show up.

In terms of the new features, Night mode is simply designed to ensure a Google Home device performs more in accordance with the time. For example while the Night mode on a smartphone is designed to dim the display, Night mode on Google Home is designed to not only dim the brightness of the LEDs on the device, but also adjust the volume to a more appropriate level. Resulting in Google Home able to vocally respond at a much quieter volume during hours where its normal volume level may prove to be a little too loud. Furthermore, following the update of the app, in addition to simply being able to turn on or off Night mode, the user is able to greatly customize the experience. This includes setting specific times (and/or days) when Night mode is active, as well as pre-setting the exact brightness of the LED during Night mode. So not only will it be dimmer, but it can be dimmed as much or as little as the user requires. The user is also able to activate a 'Do not disturb' setting which will fully disable sounds and notifications when the device enters Night mode.

With this seemingly only available to preview users, Google Home owners who are interested in gaining access to the new Night mode as soon as possible may want to consider joining the preview program. The easiest way to do so is to apply to be a preview member through the Google Home app by tapping on 'Devices' in the upper right corner of the screen. From there, look for the relevant Google Home device to enroll, tap its card menu, tap on settings, and then on Preview Program. From then on it is just a matter of following the on-screen prompts and enrolling in the program.


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