Google Assistant Learns Italian, Update Is Rolling Out

Google Assistant AH 1

Google Assistant has officially arrived in Italy where Android users will now be able to speak to the personal assistant in Italian, provided they have updated to the latest version of the app. According to reports from that country, the server-side update is gradually rolling out to some users in Italy, with the upgrade set to complete for all Android phones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or up by November 1. Once users update to the latest version of Google Assistant, they will be able to ask queries and get a fluent Italian reply in return.

The search giant recently announced its collaboration with native speakers in the country, where Google collected numerous samples of Italian speech as part of the process of incorporating support for the Italian language to Google Assistant. The voice-enabled artificial intelligence (AI) companion has also undergone speech training to further improve the way it analyzes and understands Italian so that it responds to questions in Italian more fluently. Keep in mind that while Google Assistant has now added support for Italian in this fresh update, you still need to set the language as one of the primary languages in your phone so that it can respond to your queries.

The Mountain View, California-based internet giant announced its plan in April of this year to expand the language support of the Actions on Google platform for the Google Assistant and future connected devices that host the digital assistant beyond American English. Actions on Google, which is the open platform for Google Assistant, have been available to third-party developers for a couple of months now, though its language support is currently limited and its accessibility is restricted to Google Home at present. The addition of support for the Italian language to Google Assistant marks another fruit of the Alphabet-owned company’s effort to expand the availability of the digital assistant to more users. Last May, the search giant also added support for Spanish and French Canadian, though those supported languages were only made available via Allo, Google’s messaging app. Google Assistant is expected to support more languages in the near future.