The Google App's New Overflow Menu UI Is Hitting More Users

The Google app's new overflow menu UI is hitting more users. If you're unfamiliar with how this looks, the new style that Google is pushing out to the app to more people brings a card up from the bottom of the screen that has all of the included menu options when you tap the overflow button, instead of populating a card in the middle of the screen like before. It's entirely possible that not all users will see it yet, since the wider rollout seems to have started recently, so if you open the Google app and tap the overflow menu button you'll see what the old style looks like.

Another change for the menu design is that it's now display-wide, meaning it stretches across the entirety of the screen from edge to edge. Text still appears to be the same size, but because of the wider menu, it now sort of makes things easier to hit. While the text size hasn't changed, Google has changed the color of it as the text for the different settings in this menu is now black compared to a light gray in the previous design of the menu, while the icons for each option are a darker gray than before.

This design change shouldn't be too much of a surprise as more than a few of Google's menus for different apps now sport this slide up from the bottom design. The share menu is a good example of this, as Google implemented this type of design for it some time ago, and as time goes on more and more of Google's apps will start to implement it as well. What might take longer is for developers of third-party apps to use the same style. This is a server-side thing so there isn't anything users can do to force this new look for the overflow menu to show up in the Google app, users will simply have to wait for Google push it out to their devices, which could be by the end of the day or it could still be a week or two. That said, if you haven't updated the Google app in a while it never hurts to check and see if one is available for download.

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