Google Adds Adaptive Icon & New Icon Visual To YouTube Music


Google has added the adaptive icon feature and a new icon visual to the YouTube Music application as of the latest version, which will be version 2.04. The update already seems to be live on the Play Store as well, so if your device supports adaptive icons then you can either update the app or install it for the first time and you should immediately see these changes. If you don't see the update yet, you can always grab the APK for this version by clicking the button below to download the app. Even if you don't have a device that supports adaptive icons, you'll still see the new icon visual itself, which has changed from the look of a black vinyl record to a red disc, with a white play button in the middle like before.

As for the adaptive icons, these will change and "adapt" based on the launcher or device type, while keeping the white background and changing shape from circles to squircles and so on. This also marks the second YouTube app to get the adaptive icon support following YouTube itself, and yet another YouTube app to get a new icon visual style, following YouTube, YouTube Kids, and YouTube gaming which just got a new icon recently. While not a change that has been implemented yet, Google is getting ready to make the double-tap to seek feature available in this app as well, as strings of code found in the APK reveal details about it and that you will be able to use it to fast forward or rewind through the music.

The double-tap to seek feature is something which is already also present in the YouTube main app as it started appearing back in late last year, and Google officially enabled the feature in YouTube earlier this year around February. It has still yet to show up in apps like YouTube Gaming, or YouTube Kids, but chances are Google will add the feature to those app at some point, it's just a matter of when. For the time being these seem to be the only couple of changes that YouTube Music has, though there is always a chance there might be some other minor changes that are noticed, and more features will certainly be added in future updates.

Download YouTube Music v2.04 APK

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