Galaxy Note 8 Camera Rated For Best Zoom Of Any Smartphone

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 has been rated for having the best zoom of any smartphone by DxOMark, the website commonly known for testing, reviewing, and rating cameras from both actual camera hardware and the top smartphones on the market. Up until the launch of the iPhone 8 Plus, Google's Pixel and Pixel XL from 2016 were rated as the best smartphone cameras to date, and now with the Galaxy Note 8 having been tested, it may not surpass the iPhone 8 Plus as best camera of any smartphone as a whole, but it does match its score of 94 which also makes it better than the Pixel lineup. Having the best zoom of any smartphone is still a pretty nice accomplishment too, and one that bodes well for Galaxy Note 8 owners, as the zoom on smartphones tends to be the area where the cameras are lacking the most.

According to DxOMark the Galaxy Note 8 performs exceptionally well for both 2x optical zoom and 4x, 8x digital zoom shots, making it versatile in this particular area of smartphone photography. More than the zoom, DxOMark had high praise for the bokeh features of the camera as well, mentioning that it does an outstanding job at artificially blurring the background subjects and focusing on the subjects in the foreground to produce some really contrast between the areas of the picture.

Photos that you take in brightly lit situations will look great, and be filled with "bold and vivid color rendering," while still being able to keep most of the detail in the image, something which not all smartphones have an easy time doing, trading some of the detail in order to gain more of a pop in colors. Luckily for Galaxy Note 8 owners that won't be a problem here, and thanks to the Super AMOLED panel on the device the images are sure to look quite amazing on the phone screen. Low-light situations result in a good photo too, with DxOMark highlighting the excellent quality detail and the ability to keep the noise in images to a minimum. There are lots of other good points about the camera too, but its best quality definitely seems to be its zoom and bokeh effects. If you own the Galaxy Note 8 and are planning to take a lot of pictures with it, these will be things you'll want to play around with.

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