Eufy Lumi Plug-In Night Light Review

Eufy Lumi Plug In Night Light AM AH 0011

Eufy has a number of different smart lighting products already available, however the Lumi Plug-In Night Light is something a bit different. It's not "smart", but it is still very useful. Eufy sells this in a pack of 4, so you could put these in different rooms to keep the house from being completely dark at night. The Eufy Lumi Plug-In Night Light is also fairly cheap, coming in at $14, and routinely on sale for even cheaper.

Setting up the Lumi Plug-In Night Light is super simple, as it should be. You literally just take these out of the box and plug them into an outlet. And that's it. Since these night lights are plugged directly into the outlet, there's no need of keeping a battery charged, as it's getting power from the outlet. The Lumi Plug-In Night Light offers a good amount of light in the room without it being too much to keep you awake at night, or use a lot of energy. Eufy claims that this night light will use less than 30 cents a year in electricity, which is based on it being on for 12 hours a night. Obviously that isn't something we were able to test, as we haven't had it that long, but it does use very little energy, which is good, and expected, with its size and how much light it puts out.


What's interesting about the Lumi Plug-In Night Light is the fact that it has a sensor built-in which allows it to see when the room is completely dark, and then turn it on. As an example, I have one in my bathroom and if it detects even a little bit of light coming in from the window, it won't turn on. The sun has to be completely gone before it'll turn on. Which is good, as it means it won't turn on once you turn the light off in a particular room, unless it is at night. It works really well, and it lights up the room quite nicely at night. The light will shine downwards, so it's only lighting up the floor and not the entire room, making it good for using to see where you are going in the dark (like when you need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night). This also means there won't be any harsh lighting or any glare from this night light.

With things like this plug-in night light, many of them will obstruct the second outlet, but that's not an issue here either. The Lumi Plug-In Night Light is nice and compact, so you can still use that second outlet for something else, if you wish to do so. It's thin too, so it doesn't stick out from the wall too much. Eufy has done its part to make sure that these aren't a fire hazard as well. They have a V0-rated casing, which keeps it protected from catching on fire. Which is definitely important in this day and age with everyone having so many different electronics around. Eufy does also offer up a free 18-month warranty on the Lumi Plug-In Night Light here, so if anything should happen to it, you can contact them and get it worked out.

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The Eufy Lumi Plug-In Night Light is a good way to add some subtle light at night to areas of your home without spending a ton of money – both in terms of the light and energy being used by this light. Eufy sells the Lumi Plug-In Night Light exclusively on Amazon, which is currently selling it for $14 for a set of four.

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