Deal: Spigen Air Vent Car Mount (2-Pack) for $12 – 10/3/17


Spigen's popular air vent car mount is currently on sale over at eBay through Spigen's own official store. It is selling a two-pack of its air vent car mounts for $11.99, which really makes them about $6 each. This is a great one to pick up and put a car mount in your car and your significant other's car, or just have an extra one laying around somewhere.

The Spigen air vent car mount clips onto the air vent in your car, which mounts your phone out of your line of vision, so you can still see through the windshield and keep your eyes on the road, but it is also close enough to you, so you can control music and adjust navigation without paying much attention to it. This one, like many others, attaches to your smartphone using a magnet. This magnet can be placed either on your phone or inside a case (inside a case is likely the better option). Then you can just put your phone on the mount when you get in the car and you're good to go.

eBay is not collecting any taxes on this purchase, and it is offering up free shipping. Now it's not expedited shipping, which is unfortunate, but it is free. It's expected to arrive as soon as this Friday if you purchase yours today. Once again, the seller is Spigen, officially, and they have a 99.5% positive feedback rating on eBay.


Spigen Air Vent Car Mount (2-Pack)
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