Deal: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for $132 w/ Code – 10/6/17


Right now, eBay has the Galaxy Note 4 for as low as $131.99, thanks to its Columbus Day sale. For Columbus Day, eBay is taking 20% off of select items that are over $25 (up to a total of $50 off) through October 10th. The Galaxy Note 4 is actually priced at $164.97, but with the promo code PCOLUMBUS2017 you can get it for as low as $131.99, making it a great price.

The Galaxy Note 4 may indeed be a somewhat old device, but it is still a good one to pick up. It is also Samsung's last smartphone with a removable back, so those that need a removable battery, this is the one to get. Samsung is still updating the Galaxy Note 4, so it is still nice and secure, as you'd expect. This model here is unlocked and will work on GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile here in the US. So it'll be a great phone to take with you on a trip out of the country, since the rest of the world (with very few exceptions) uses GSM.

eBay is offering up free shipping on all Columbus Day deals. And there's also no taxes being collected on the Galaxy Note 4. eBay does have plenty of other products on sale as part of this deal, which you can check out here.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4