Deal: Anker 6 Outlet, 4 USB Port PowerStrip for $25 – 10/9/17


Anker has discounted on of its popular powerstrip's or surge protectors, bringing it from $29.99 on down to $24.69. Which is a great price for what you're getting here, which is 6 outlets along with 4 USB ports on top of that. Which is enough for most people to plug in all of their gadgets and such from one wall outlet.

This powerstrip from Anker is pretty large, as you'd expect, since it does have 6 outlets, along with 4 USB ports included here. It is available in white only, and not in a black color, unfortunately. Now, like most powerstrips, it is able to be mounted. So you could mount it on the side of your desk, so that it is out of the way, but also allow for some good cable management. The four USB ports here output at up to 2.4A each or 6A total. So if you are using all four ports, you are going to get slower charging speeds, which is understandable. Unfortunately, there is no support for Quick Charge 3.0, however 2.4A should be plenty fast for most people, and it can charge any smartphone or tablet at that faster speed.

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Anker 6 Outlet, 4 USB Port PowerStrip
ExpiresOct. 24, 2017
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