Chrome, Google App Improve Image Search Results With UI Changes


Image searches performed through Google Search on mobile is now in the process of receiving an update which greatly improves readability and general navigation. Google has not specifically announced the updated interface, although it does currently seem to be live for a number of users. It is worth pointing out that at present the updated UI has been noted for image searches performed via the mobile Chrome app, as well as the Google app. Therefore some users may find the change present in both apps, or possibly in one but not the other.

As for the actual changes, these are fairly minimal on the surface although collectively they do add to the general level of presentation of image links prior to being clicked through. As a result most of this directly refers to what happens when you click on an image after having made the initial search at which point users will notice that the fonts and general presentation of content is slightly different. For example, in the image shown below the ingredients section is far more clearly defined, as is the review score, the cooking time, and the yield. Likewise if this is a product, then instead of cooking time you will see more clearly defined information on the rating and the price. While if there is a video available on the page where the image is sourced from, then a more clearly defined "Watch" video will show up along with additional video-relevant information – when it was published, views, likes, comments, and so on.

By scrolling further down the page there is also an aesthetic change to the available link options (in this case the recipe). While the options overall are still the same (Visit, Share, Save), the tab links for each of these options are now more visible, more clearly defined (as a button), and colored blue for increased visibility. Another less noticeable change is that these listings used to include an "AMP" worded reference in addition to the AMP (lightning) logo to highlight that the page supports Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages feature. Now, the emphasis on the wording "AMP" has been removed with just the AMP logo visible. So while these image listings still do highlight whether a page is AMP-supported or not, it does so in a more subtle manner. In all instances, this new image search UI also includes an X icon in the top left corner which allows the user to quickly close down that particular result and return to the main search results.


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