Chrome For Android Adds Ability To View Saved Passwords

AH Google Chrome Logo 1.0

Google Chrome for Android has introduced a new feature that allows you to view your saved passwords, provided you have already signed in to your Google account in the web browser for the search giant’s operating system for mobile devices. The new feature had been available only in the desktop version of Google Chrome prior to this update, and now it can also be used in the Chrome version 62 for Android, streamlining the ability to view stored passwords across multiple platforms.

To get started with the feature, simply open the Google Chrome app for Android, go to the browser’s menu and select Settings, then navigate to Saved passwords. Once you land on the list of saved passwords, you will be able to see the various websites with which your passwords are associated. In order to view the saved passwords, just click on the individual websites and copy the piece of information in question. There is also an option to delete passwords by tapping on the trash button found at the top right corner of the browser. Keep in mind that before you can actually view your saved passwords only after you are able to confirm your lock screen security credentials, assuming your lock screen security has been enabled to begin with. For security purposes, Google has blocked the ability to take a screenshot of the list of passwords shown in plain text.

The new feature is especially helpful if you tend to forget your passwords which can happen to people fairly often. Thankfully, Google Chrome is designed to offer you the option to store your login credentials for different websites. This spares you the hassle of manually entering your username and password the next time you visit a website you have previously opened. The feature also serves as an alternative to third-party tools for saving and viewing usernames and passwords. Viewing your saved passwords in Google Chrome for Android is one of the latest changes introduced to the web browser, including the most recent user interface overhaul as part of the version 61 of the browser on the stable channel. Chrome 62 for Android is already live, so users should have it installed, but if that isn’t the case then it’s likely an update to the app is needed.