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Caseology offers a wide selection of smartphone accessories including a wide range of cases for all the major smartphone brands and models, such as the recently announced Google Pixel 2 XL. With the Pixel 2 XL now confirmed with a starting price of $849, if you are planning on picking up this latest Google phone then you might also want to consider a case for it. On that note here is a quick overview of three of the newest Caseology cases specifically designed with the Google Pixel 2 XL in mind.

Parallax Series For Google Pixel 2 XL


The Parallax Series has proven to be an extremely popular option for smartphone owners and now Caseology has updated this line to include the Google Pixel 2 XL. Although this is a case that will provide excellent levels of protection, this is also a case that offers more of a modern and attractive design compared to other protective cases. What makes this case so appealing is its inclusion of an award-winning geometric design which not only adds to the look of the case, but also increases the grip. With the three-dimensional textured cover making it much easier to hold the Pixel 2 XL, this will in turn result in a lesser likelihood of the phone being dropped in the first place.

However, if the Pixel 2 XL does encounter any issues, drops, or bangs, the protection on offer with this case is designed to ensure that the phone will be as protected as it can be. For example, the Parallax Series adopts the use of an absorbing interior design that looks to consume impact before it reaches the device, while cushioned corners also look to ensure the Pixel 2 XL is protected from all angles. In spite of its highly durable nature, this is also a case that is designed to add little weight to the device, thanks to its makeup of a TPU sleeve and PC frame. This case is available in Navy Blue, Burgundy, Charcoal Gray and Ocean Gray color options.

Legion Series For Google Pixel 2 XL


While all of the cases on offer from Caseology provide enhanced levels of protection, the Legion Series is one which looks to offer a heavy duty level of protection. As a result this case range is designed to last and withstand the perils daily life can throw at it and now Caseology has brought the Legion Series to the Google Pixel 2 XL for those looking for a best in class level of protection.

Some of the protection benefits on offer with the Legion Series include a shock absorbing design which again looks to absorb any force encountered during impact. Likewise, this case also includes corner cushioning for an all-round level of protection. In addition this is a dual layer protective case and one which includes a military-inspired design to further highlight its more rugged and durable nature. With additional protections provided by way of its combination of TPU and PC materials, a raised front lip and a four-point rear guard. This is also a case that is available in either warm gray or copper gold color options.


Vault Series For Google Pixel 2 XL

Last, but by no means least, is the Vault Series which looks to provide a heightened level of protection while also not impacting too much on the weight or the design of the Pixel 2 XL. This is due to this case being an ultra-slim and lightweight case which provides more than enough protection while still ensuring an in-hand fit which stays true to the original design of the smartphone.


As for its protection, the Vault Series looks to firstly protect the Pixel 2 XL by making use of a design that looks to absorb the force of an impact by bouncing away from the drop zone. Furthermore, its design and in particular its precise cutouts for each of the main components also adds to a greater level of protection by ensuring the case not only fits the Pixel 2 XL correctly, but protects each of the smartphone components individually, for example complete protection for the raised rear camera (and its bezel). The Vault Series also includes a military-inspired design and one which features a three-dimensional textured aspect, adding further grip support to the case. Something which proactively helps to ensure the Pixel 2 XL is less likely to be dropped and incur damage.

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