Carl Pei Says The OnePlus 5 "Was More Popular" Than Expected

OnePlus 5 AH NS 19

The OnePlus 5 “was more popular” than the Chinese company expected, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei said moments ago on Twitter, fueling rumors that the follow-up to the firm’s first 2017 flagship is just around the corner. The OnePlus 5 isn’t available for purchase in most parts of the world any longer, thus serving as a heavy indication that its successor is to be launched shortly, with this notion being further reinforced by Mr. Pei’s statement which refers to the smartphone’s popularity in the past tense, indicating that no more units will be sold going forward.

Products from the BBK Electronics-owned original equipment manufacturer traditionally have extremely short lifespans in terms of their commercial availability due to the fact that the company operates with thin profit margins and hence isn’t able to additionally discount its offerings when their successors hit the market. While the OnePlus 5 was somewhat more expensive than the 2016 smartphones from the OEM were, it was still priced in a relatively aggressive manner and sought to compete with contemporary Android flagships while being more affordable than all of its direct alternatives. OnePlus previously signaled that it’s seeking to become a more sustainable business going forward, meaning that another price jump may not be out of the question in the near future, though the company’s continuous efforts to deliver competitively priced devices is understood to still be preventing it from simultaneously offering two generations of its products, which is the main reason why the fact that the OnePlus 5 is now officially out of stock and doesn’t seem to be coming back is taken as a signal that its successor is bound to be unveiled shortly.

While the OnePlus 5 was widely reported about in the run-up to its announcement, the OnePlus 5T or OnePlus 6 appear to be somewhat more mysterious, with previous rumors and dubious renders only suggesting that the smartphone maker is planning to deliver a device that’s more in line with contemporary mobile design practices, featuring a relatively bezel-free aesthetic and a tall screen with an aspect ratio of 18:9, i.e. 2:1. The smartphone will presumably still be powered by the Snapdragon 835 and boast up to 8GB of RAM, though it may prove to be an upgrade over the OnePlus 5 in terms of elemental resistance and feature a truly waterproof body.