Bing Search For Android Updated With Fake News Filter & More

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Bing Search for Android has received a slew of new updates that introduce a personalized news feed for users, a functionality that automatically closes tabs and a categorized browsing history. Among other things, the update brings a filter feature to the personalized news feed that blocks fake news stories from appearing on the search results pages, a feature that could help prevent the proliferation of misinformation across the internet in conjunction with other related efforts such as those by Google, which recently removed fake news sites by banning some 200 publishers from its AdSense networks during the last three months of 2016.

The categorized browsing history feature allows you to more easily locate a topic you have recently searched for using Bing Search in its history section. More specifically, there are four categories in which a particular topic may show up in the browsing history page: web, image, video and news. This feature provides a seamless way to find the photo of a place you have previously looked for in Bing Search or a movie trailer you have previously watched, for example. Finally, the other functionality that landed on Bing Search is the auto-close tab feature that closes a tab after a period of time that you have selected to set up, which means that it is really up to you how long you would like a tab in Bing Search to remain open. Keep in mind that the new feature is optional and you can choose to turn it off anytime. The feature is especially helpful in times when you are too busy and have the tendency to forget to close some unecessary tabs yourself.

While the new features are currently rolling out to Bing Search for Android-based devices, it is not immediately clear when the update hits other platforms. It has been quite a while since Bing Search for Android received its share of updates, the recent of which being a music search tool for finding a specific sound track. Late last year, the search app also gained a feature called 360 Search, an augmented reality (AR) feature that works to combine the Bing Search functionality with the camera of your device to look up some pieces of relevant information about a nearby place that your camera is pointed at.