Arena Of Valor Pre-Registration Opens Up For North America


Pre-registrations are now finally open for the North American Launch of Tencent Games' MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) title, Arena of Valor. The game is based on Tencent's "Honor of Kings," which was previously released in China and boasts over 200 million users. However, Tencent Games is taking things a step further for the new region and including a bunch of new content. Not least of all, the developers have teamed up with DC Comics to make Batman, Van Helsing, and Wonder Woman available as in-game playable characters, following Arena of Valor's launch. Additionally, famed composer Hans Zimmer was brought on board to create the musical score for the game. Players who pre-register are also guaranteed some exclusive in-game rewards when they first download and run the game from the Play Store. Those will include character skins and in-game currency.

As to the game itself, Arena of Valor is a five-versus-five, three-versus-three, or one-on-one multiplayer game that's played online. It features a roster of more than 40 heroes, across 6 different hero classes, allowing players to be more selective about their play-style. Players can work together with friends or within a guild, using the game's real-time voice chat features. Conversely, they can also choose to take on opponents by themselves. Matches last around 10 minutes but can go for longer than 15. Combat is straightforward and well-balanced, with players controlling their heroes using a virtual control stick and on-screen action buttons. Arena of Valor also has a separate tournament mode for players looking for more of a challenge and the developers plan to add user-created leagues at some point in the future, though no timeframe has been specified. Best of all, the game is free-to-play, although there will probably be plenty of opportunities to spend real-world money through in-app-purchase transactions for in-game-currency and more.

All things considered, Arena of Valor looks like a great title for anybody looking to get into an online multiplayer experience for Android that has a bit more action than the average mobile game. It's also a game so good that somebody went blind from playing it so much. With that said, there's no official release date yet. So anybody interested in taking advantage of the pre-registration extras will probably want to get signed up as soon as possible. That can be accomplished at either the game's official website – via the source link below – or through the Google Play Store directly.


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