Amazon Alexa Gets The Ability To Recognize Users’ Voices

October 12, 2017 - Written By Daniel Fuller

Amazon’s Alexa AI is now able to be trained to recognize a specific user’s voice, effective immediately and across all Alexa-enabled devices. The new capability comes with a wide range of perks, especially on the Amazon Echo, which commonly sees communal use among families. Alexa can personalize a number of different facets of its use experience for specific users simply by recognizing their voice, and can even skip certain security authorizations if a user wishes, since it can verify a user’s identity by voice. Once the training has been performed once, voice recognition should work seamlessly on any Alexa device that a user comes in contact with and logs into, including Echo series devices, smartphones and tablets, and Fire products.

Voice training and recognition allows Alexa to cater your experience to you. Trained Alexa devices can do things like automatically enter and authorize shopping information, make personal music recommendations, and send and receive the right messages and Alexa Calls for the person speaking, with the other person hearing that person’s name when the call or message come in. News feeds given by the Flash Briefing skill will also be catered, and any stories that you’ve already heard will be left out automatically. Naturally, this is just the beginning; as more developers hop on board, the things that Alexa can do with a voice profile will grow over time.

Training your voice in the Alexa app can be done by going into the app’s settings, then the Account heading, and then going to Your Voice. You’ll need to select an Alexa device that you’re logged into, and be near that device in a quiet environment in order to actually perform the training. People in your home who have a smartphone but not an Amazon account can log into the app as a guest on their own device in order to set up voice recognition. Their voice profile will be saved locally to the device that they trained their voice on. If a member of your household wants to use Alexa devices in the home but does not have their own smartphone, they can do the setup on any smartphone in the house in guest mode, then allow the smartphone’s owner to sign back in. Members of the Amazon Households program, meanwhile, can simply sign in with their own login to train any device in the household that they’re registered in. If you’d like to check out the tutorial video, visit the source link down below.