YouTube Live Gets Ultra-Low Latency & Other Improvements

YouTube Live is getting ultra-low latency and other improvements in the latest update to the feature that YouTube is now beginning to roll out to creators and other users. While the ultra-low latency is definitely going to be one of the bigger improvements of this new update, it's accompanied by a handful of other changes that YouTube is pushing out to the service which are all aimed at making the feature faster to use, as well as making more accessible and overall, making it simpler to use as well so there is less of an issue for first-time users who decide to go live or existing users who were hoping for some changes that made the feature easier.

According to YouTube, ultra-low latency makes it possible to stream your content with only a couple of seconds of lag. While this is still not lag-free, it's a pretty good improvement and will be especially useful for those who like to interact with the comments being left on their streams as it means they can respond to such comments quicker than before, and viewers will be much closer to what's actually happening during the stream at any given moment. Ultra-low latency will be located in the stream options settings menu for those that have never used YouTube Live before, and for current creators this should already be pretty easy to find.

Speaking of chat, the live chat is a great tool for creators that allows them to engage with their subscribers, but anyone who has ever looked at a live chat for an ongoing live stream knows how chaotic it can be, which can make it somewhat challenging to keep tabs on all of what's being said. This new update to the YouTube Live service includes new tools to make it easier for creators to moderate the live chat by using inline moderation, which makes for a quick way to pause the live chat by using the alt and option keys simultaneously so the comments can be reviewed. It's also now possible to opt into hidden chat messages. Creators that opt into this function will be letting the system automatically flag potentially inappropriate messages and hold them until they can be reviewed by the creator or a designated moderator. These changes and improvements should already be live.

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