WakeMe Is An Alarm Clock & Social Media Rolled Into One

WakeMe is a brand new take on social media that aims to make the simple act of waking up a socially engaging affair. More to the point, the service effectively combines aspects of media sharing such as Snapchat and an alarm clock-like functionality that allows users to wake up and be woken up by short videos of their friends. Its primary means to accomplish that goal comes through an Android Application called WakeMe Social Alarm Clock, which is available for free on the Play Store. The service itself is also free.

The app and service are very straightforward. After signing up or signing in, users are greeted with a brief explanation of how the application works and can view a sample alarm created by the app's developers at Hyperapptive, Inc. Once users have finished adding friends and family, they can begin setting alarms and requesting videos from friends and family. Those videos, once responses have been received, begin playing at volume when the specified alarm time arrives. For anybody worried about whether or not a video may or may not be loud enough, or what happens when nobody responds to a request, a backup alarm sound can be set through the app's settings menu. That sound will play in the event that the user doesn't respond to the initial alarm or if no responses to an alarm request are received. As to the requests themselves, users are able to not only set a description of the event for which the alarm is being set but also to choose which friends the request is sent out to. That means that, in addition to having an alarm clock that is always changing, alarm media can be more directly curated to suit the event behind the alarm. Perhaps best of all, alarms can be snoozed just as they can be with other alarm apps so users can catch a few more minutes of sleep if they really need it.

As far as both social media platforms and alarm applications go, WakeMe is arguably the most creative spin on the concepts to have been created over the past couple of years. It not only serves as a way to interact with friends, family, and others but also incorporates a useful, real-world functionality. Since that functionality is tied to events that don't necessarily take place with high frequency, the service should also be able to avoid becoming boring or mundane. Anybody interested in checking it out should hit the Play Store button below.

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