Video: Guide To Making A Clear Back Panel For Galaxy Note 8


In case you'd like to own the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a transparent glass on the back, well, JerryRigEverything has just released a video explaining how you can make that happen. This is not the first video of this kind that the source released, but if you own the Galaxy Note 8, this is the one you should watch, because the procedure is different for every phone, of course. Now, before we dive into it, do keep in mind that you should not do this on your own unless you know exactly what you're doing, as you can seriously damage the device, even the source mentions that in the video.

Having said that, if you end up opting to go through with it anyway, this guide is rather detailed and will definitely help you. Now, first and foremost, you'll need to turn off the phone, and warm it up from the back side until it's too hot to touch, well, at least comfortably touch. After that, you'll need a suction cup, and some sort of a pry tool (well, several of them, actually) in order to separate the back panel from the rest of the device. Do keep in mind that this is glass you're working with here, which means you can crack it during this process, be very careful, and do not pry it open from just about anywhere, follow the instructions. With your pry tool, you will cut the adhesive during this processes, in order to open the phone. Removing that back panel is actually somewhat difficult to do, as you'll be able to see in that video. JerryRigEverything actually managed to cut off the fingerprint scanner ribbon during the procedure, which only shows how easily you can mess things up.

Now, things get even more complicated from this point on, as you'll need to disassemble a part of the device, and mess with the phone's wireless charging feature, which will still work, if you do everything right. After you go through all the disassembly steps shown in the video, you can start removing the color from the phone's back side panel, though you'll need some additional tools in order to make it happen, like some sort of a paint stripper spray, as the one JerryRigEverything used. Once again, this whole procedure is quite complex, and it is definitely not recommended for you to do it unless you're an expert at it.


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