Verizon To Drop Thousands Of Roaming Customers To Cut Costs


Some Verizon Wireless customers may be somewhat less than happy with the carrier after the company sent out at least two letters regarding disruptions to their service. The first of the two letters was effectively a notice to inform a select group of customers that they would have a limited amount of time to either switch providers or purchase a more expensive plan to offset those costs. Meanwhile, a second letter revealed that as many as 8,500 customers had been notified and that it had discovered that many of those were using their devices as first responders or didn't have access to alternative service providers.

In the second letter, Verizon said that it remains committed both to solving the problem and to keeping any first responders using the network connected, but also indicated that the decision would not be reversed. Instead, the company is now offering an extension to the amount of time those customers have to take the appropriate action. More specifically, customers now have until December 1 to switch providers. Customers who don't have any available alternatives, in the meantime, will need to switch to a 2 GB, 4 GB, or 5 GB single line plan, or move the larger 8 GB plan. Affected customers who choose not to take either option by December 1, will lose mobile service.

The move is probably not the preferred option for Verizon and follows earnings reports that have been less-than-spectacular for the first half of the year. At least a portion of the company's trouble is also likely to be caused by the increasing demand for intriguingly-priced unlimited data plans. That's a problem that is having a significantly negative impact on several other carriers as well.  Verizon, for its part, seems sympathetic to the plight of its customers in rural areas. Although the company said it was ultimately unable to find a better solution to the situation, it also took the opportunity to inform customers that it is still reviewing the viability of customers who primarily use roaming services. It also promised that it is committed to continuing to look for a way to support customers with LTE service who live outside of the Verizon network. Unfortunately, that sentiment probably comes as little consolation to any customers affected by the service change. Fortunately, those individuals will have just a bit more time to make a decision regarding which course of action will be best for their circumstances.

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