Ulefone's Upcoming 'Full Display' MIX Teased In New Video


Ulefone has now confirmed it has a new smartphone in the works, one which is currently being referred to as the 'Ulefone MIX'. While the details on this new phone are pretty limited at the moment, Ulefone has revealed two specific features which make this a smartphone that is very much on trend in 2017. The first of those features is the inclusion of a bezel-less display. The second of those features, is a dual rear camera setup.

Based on the information provided by Ulefone so far, the Ulefone MIX is going to be a true tri-bezel-less smartphone. As it is one which sees the bezels almost completely omitted on three sides of the device. With the bottom portion of the front panel the only side still sporting a bezel – one just large enough to house the menu button and likely fingerprint sensor, as well as the front-facing camera. According to Ulefone, this will result in a screen-to-body ratio of almost 90.2-percent, with the screen size coming in at 5.5-inches. As a result, it should be expected that the size of the phone overall will not be that much bigger than the 5.5-inches listed for the display. To further highlight the nature of this phone and it's all-display selling points, Ulefone has released a new promotional video, teasing the all-screen look and design on offer with the Ulefone MIX.

Unfortunately, besides the details on the display and rear camera setup, there is virtually no further information available on this new smartphone. So there are no firm details on the rest of the specs, the hardware in general, or any other design points that are worth knowing about. Although Ulefone has suggested that this new phone could launch as soon as this month, September. In either case, Ulefone is fairly consistent in providing information on a regular basis and so it stands to reason that further details will become available in due course. Especially if this smartphone is due to be released within the next few weeks. In the meantime however, those interested in keeping up to date on all things Ulefone, including any new information regarding the Ulefone MIX, stay tuned to Ulefone's official site and social media channels. In addition to checking out the new Ulefone MIX promotional video in full below.

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