TP-Link Announces The Kasa Cam (KC120) Smart Security Camera

tp link kc120

TP-Link today announced its latest smart security camera in the Kasa smart home family. It’s the KC120, which features two-way audio, night vision, and streams in 1080p video quality. It’s more commonly known as the “Kasa Cam”, as it is the first smart home security camera from TP-Link that interfaces with the Kasa ecosystem. Everything you need for the KC120 is found in the Kasa app which is available for both Android and iOS on their respective app stores.

With the KC120 Kasa Cam, it will monitor your home and then send you a notification when it detects motion in the room. The camera also starts recording once it detects motion, so that if anything happens, you have proof of what happened. With the Kasa app, users are able to stay on top of what is going on in their home with the KC120 Kasa Cam, as users are able to stream what is happening live to their smartphone. The camera is actually a wide-angle camera with 130-degrees field of view, so it can view the majority of a room if it is in a corner. It does also have night vision, with a range of up to 25-feet. Now while some cameras produce grainy video in dark situations, TP-Link says that it has eliminated grainy feeds. The KC120 Kasa Cam is able to deliver rich colors, sharp quality, even while in night vision mode.

This does upload to the cloud, and TP-Link does offer up a 30-day free trial of the premium version of its cloud storage service, and it does offer 1GB of free storage, which is about two days worth of footage. Now if you buy multiple KC120 Kasa Cams from TP-Link, it will give you a 50% discount on its premium cloud storage service for each additional camera you add. Which is a great discount for those looking to use these around their office. The Kasa Cam does work with the Echo Show, so you can ask the Echo Show to show you the camera, no matter where you are and see what’s happening. It does also work with other TP-Link products like its smart switches and light bulbs. The KC120 Kasa Cam is available today from Amazon for just $129.

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