The Daydream View 2nd Gen. To Cost $99 & Come In New Colors

Google Daydream View 2nd Gen.

The Daydream View 2nd Gen. headset is said to cost $99, and it comes in three new colors according to this leaked image, which shows the headset carrying the same overall design but it looks like Google has changed the material that’s used for the outside of the headset compared to the original model that launched last year. The design has changed slightly, but for the most part the new headset has the same general shape. There looks to be less of a gap between the visor that folds down and the headset part when the visor is up and latched shut, though this is a very minor and subtle change that some may not have noticed.

It’s not clear what the material is that Google is using on the new Daydream View headset but it looks like it has more of a textured feel than the old one, and it doesn’t look like Google is using the same type of cloth. It also looks like the band is the same as before and the new Daydream View comes with matching color controllers as well. Another small but visible change to the design is the front of the headset which directly faces the phone screen. On the original Daydream View this part was exposed plastic, but on the new headset this is covered up by the same fabric that covers the rest of the hardware, so the entire design has a cleaner, sleeker look to it.

The three new colors are Charcoal, Fog, and Coral, and you can probably guess which one is which, and there’s no information on why Google decided to increase the price of the new headset from $80 to $100, but that could mean that Google has made improvements to the headset somewhere that aren’t visible. Google will share those details soon enough though as it’s set to hold an event on October 4th where it will reveal the new Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2, and where it was rumored to show off this new headset and a new Google Home Mini smart speaker that would compete with Amazon’s Echo Dot. Like last year, Google may also have pre-order bundles for the new Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 that come with a free headset, at least that may be the hope for those who want to pick up this new hardware.