Tech Armor's Ballistic Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 8 Review

Tech Armor makes a few different screen protectors for most smartphones on the market these days. And for the Galaxy Note 8, there are three different models available. There's the HD Clear Film, the Ballistic Glass and the Prime Glass, the Ballistic and Prime Glass are both tempered glass screen protectors, so they do feel more natural to your finger, compared to a plastic screen protector. We've been using the Ballistic Glass screen protector on the Galaxy Note 8 for a few days now, and it's time to review it.

First up, installation. Obviously, you are going to want to make sure the display on the Galaxy Note 8 (or whichever device you buy this screen protector for) is nice and clean. Otherwise, you are going to have smudges and possibly dust under the screen protector, and that is definitely not a good look. So using the cloth that is included, wipe down your Galaxy Note 8, and there is also a device cleaning wipe included, as well as dust removal tape. Since our device was pretty much brand new when we installed the screen protector, we didn't use the cleaning wipes or dust removal tape. After wiping it down, simply place the screen protector on the front of the Galaxy Note 8 and remove the plastic covering. And that's it. Make sure to line it up properly, or you will cover up part of the display.

This screen protector does not cover the entire front of the Galaxy Note 8's display. Now this is something that you're going to see a lot with the Galaxy Note 8 and even the Galaxy S8, and that's due to their curved displays. It makes it harder to protect the entire display. However, with a case, like the Caseology Parallax case, which we have on ours, it's not as big of a deal. But if you install the Ballistic Glass screen protector and aren't using the case, your OCD will likely drive you crazy with this screen protector since it isn't edge to edge (however, the Prime Glass one is).

Using this screen protector, it feels mostly natural. And I say "mostly" because it does make it tough to touch the sides of the device. This is particularly noticeable when typing on the Galaxy Note 8. Especially on the right side of the keyboard. It has gotten a bit easier, the more I've used the Galaxy Note 8 with this screen protector installed, but it's still not the same as not having one installed. Users will likely get used to it after a few days, as I have, but it is something to look out for. Of course, taking a few days to get used to the new typing experience with this screen protector is definitely worth it. As replacing this display if it gets cracked or shattered, won't be cheap. And with this screen protector coming in at just $12.99, it's definitely cheaper than replacing the display on the Galaxy Note 8.

Tech Armor claims that this screen protector is "anti fingerprint" and that is mostly true. To the naked eye, you won't see any fingerprints, but if you look closely, you can see a couple. It's definitely less fingerprinty than the back of the Galaxy Note 8, so there's that. The screen protector is also said to be able to take a drop and protect the display, as it should - after all that is why you're buying it. We did not drop the Galaxy Note 8, or put it through any torture tests (those are hard to watch), but through our normal everyday use, it has kept the actual display clear of any scratches, cracks or any other damage. which is definitely a good sign.

This Ballistic Glass screen protector from Tech Armor is a pretty good choice for protecting your Galaxy Note 8. It may not be perfect, but it does its job, and it is a case-friendly screen protector, which is also good, as everyone should be putting a case on their Galaxy Note 8, since this is a rather large and slippery device. And the last thing you'd want is to drop it and shatter the front or the back of it. Tech Armor sells this screen protector (and others in its lineup) on its own website as well as from Amazon - the prices are the same at both retailers - for $12.99. Which is somewhat pricey for a screen protector, but when you factor in that this is a tempered glass screen protector, that's right on the dot for what these types of screen protectors go for. It's definitely worth picking up if you are clumsy or worried about damaging the display on your Galaxy Note 8.

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