Taxify Launches In London, Takes On Uber With Cheaper Prices


Taxify is a new service that has now (today) launched in London and is one which looks to directly take on the might of Uber within the capital. While taking on Uber may seem like a tall order, where Taxify hopes to excel is in two key areas, pricing and worker conditions. In terms of the first, Taxify is launching as a service that aims to be more affordable than Uber in London with the suggestion being that as its overheads are lower, as are its commitments to its investors, it will be able to offer better pricing compared to Uber. Something Taxify reportedly intends to continue as the service grows in usage.

On the second note, Uber has reportedly at times been at odds with its drivers and this is something that Taxify is looking to capitalize on. One example of this is that Taxify will take a lesser commission compared to Uber, resulting in more pay in driver's pockets. While from the consumer perspective another aspect that differentiates Taxify from Uber, is that all of Taxify's drivers are registered drivers. Something that Taxify hopes will add an additional level of safety reassurance to customers, as they can be sure that a driver ordered through Taxify will be a legal and registered private hire driver. Another interesting aspect to the service, is that unlike Uber, Taxify allows customers to pay in cash (as they would normally with most private hire cars), instead of paying digitally – although they can if they want. With the emphasis here being on offering consumers the choice of how they pay.

While this is a new service to London and the UK, this is not quite a new service in the grand scheme of things. As Taxify already reportedly operates in 19 different markets and mostly across Africa and Eastern Europe. It is this prior experience that Taxify reportedly believes will be the biggest advantage it has in taking on Uber in a market such as London. In fact, the company already seems to be looking at its expansion beyond London with the suggestion that it will become available in Paris next. Although no firm details on when this will happen were provided. For those based in London and interested in giving the new service a try, the Android version of the Taxify app is available to download free of charge from the Google Play Store.


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