T-Mobile's Un-Carrier Next Brings Free Netflix For Family Plans


T-Mobile’s big Un-Carrier Next announcement was today, which was a pretty simple move for T-Mobile. It is adding Netflix to all of its family plans on T-Mobile ONE. This is available for all those with two lines or more on T-Mobile ONE. Which can be as low as $40/month if you have four lines (on T-Mobile’s four lines for $160 plan). T-Mobile is touting that it is giving customers something they want, with Netflix being added to their unlimited plans.

Now to get Netflix from T-Mobile for free, it’s quite simple. Beginning Tuesday, September 12th, users will be able to add the subscription online, visiting their local store or calling T-Mobile’s customer service to have it added to their plan. Those that may already have a Netflix account will be covered as well. This basically means that you’ll be spending $10/month less on entertainment. Now it’s important to note here that you will need to be on T-Mobile ONE with taxes and fees included. If you are on another plan from T-Mobile, you’ll need to switch to T-Mobile ONE to be eligible for this promo. Those with two lines on any plan, can switch to T-Mobile ONE and you’re good to go, you won’t need to add any new lines to your plan either.

T-Mobile says that it is able to do this because its network is better than the competition, even with unlimited data. T-Mobile has optimized video data on its network, so that it doesn’t take as much of a hit as those on other networks would. T-Mobile does actually have the fastest speeds right now out of the four major networks in the US. And with Netflix being such a big deal in the US already – there are already 50 million customers for Netflix in the US alone. This deal is an exclusive deal for Netflix and T-Mobile at this point. That may change in the future, but for now, only Netflix is doing this with T-Mobile, not other carriers. And of course this will help Netflix expand its footprint and get in front of even more eyes than it already does.