Super Mario Run 50% Off On Android, Gets Major Content Update

Super Mario Run Android App AH 4

Super Mario Run received a new update on the Google Play Store, bumping the application to version 3.0.4 and introducing a handful of new features as well as a 50 percent price cut. Following the update, Super Mario Run sports a new Remix 10 mode giving access to short randomized courses, as well as a brand new world in the World Tour mode called World Star. Additionally, players are now given the possibility to unlock Princess Daisy as a playable character.

To be precise regarding the title’s price tag, Super Mario Run is available for download for free and always has been, however, players have had the option of paying a one-time fee of $9.99 in order to gain access to all in-game content. This procedure hasn’t changed following the recent update but the entry fee of $9.99 has been cut in half. Whether this is a temporary or permanent price drop is unclear, but nonetheless, this should be a welcome change for players who may have considered the previous price tag to be a bit too steep for a mobile rendition of Mario. Regardless, the latest update also adds new content for all players and includes a new mode which is described by Nintendo on the Google Play Store as ‘Super Mario Run in bite-sized bursts’ delivering courses which are extremely short and hence maximally suitable for playing on the go. The main feature of Remix 10 is the fact that the courses will change with each playthrough, adding a new layer of randomization and replayability to the established Super Mario Run formula. Furthermore, Princess Daisy is lost somewhere within those mini-levels of Remix 10 and can be found by players and acquired as a playable character. The aforementioned World Star can be accessed after completing the first six worlds within the game.

Super Mario Run was initially released on iOS and later arrived to Android devices this March. The title received several updates since, including one to version 2.1.0 which added new buildings, support for Google Play Games achievements, and increased the limit of Toads in the player’s Mushroom Kingdom to 99,999. The latest version of Super Mario Run is now available for download from the Google Play Store by following the banner below.