Sprint Creates In-House Marketing Team, Currently Hiring


Sprint has created an in-house team dedicated to digital marketing efforts, and as of this writing, is looking to fill positions on that team. The positions that are currently open include spots in fields like web development, media buying, analytics, paid search, and display, among others. The team's focus will be on all forms of digital media marketing and advertising, including but not limited to social media outreach, web outreach, and digital signage. This team will be completely in-house, with staff working closely with the main body of Sprint, including workers on the technical side of things, in customer service, and of course, high-ranking executives. Sprint is planning to hire 100 people onto this team by the end of 2017, with an as of yet unannounced number of new hires coming next year.

Sprint's Chief Digital Officer, Rob Roy, said that the company plans to utilize this team in a push into digital marketing, making it easier for the company to stay on the cutting edge of that field while not having to compromise by using existing manpower for marketing that could be used for central company and network operations. The goal of creating a team like this is to push the company toward a more data-focused, mindful approach to digital marketing, get campaigns and deals out to market faster, and make internal communications on marketing more seamless by providing a central hub for them.

This move comes on the heels of Sprint beginning to employ a semi-in-house, internally created ad agency. Technically a subsidiary of Sprint, the ad agency was not a part of the main company, so the usual red tape with inter-corporate transactions and communications was applicable. A big part of that effort was to make Sprint's advertising more bold, creative, and in-your-face, and there's no reason to think that this new internal ad agency won't continue that mission. The main benefit here is that there will be no real limits or red tape placed on the internal ad agency in communications with Sprint and in what it can and can't do because of professional affiliations. Sprint's press release about the new digital marketing team did not say whether YellowFan will be scrapped.

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