Sphero Has Launched Two New Star Wars Droids

Sphero has launched two new Star Wars app-enabled droids, which include the new BB-9E app-enabled droid from the upcoming film The Last Jedi, and a familiar favorite, R2-D2. Both of these are joining the BB-8 Droid that Sphero launched back during the launch Star Wars Episode VII. If you're looking to grab one of the new droids, whether to add to your BB-8 or as your first one, both the R2-D2 and the BB-9E droids can be picked up on Amazon and show up in just a matter of days with the Prime membership. They can also be purchased from Sphero's website.

Both new droids are a bit more than the BB-8 droid at this point as it's a bit older, but they're not too far off. The new BB-9E droid can  be picked up for just $150, while the R2-D2 droid can be picked up for just $180. As a bonus, you can even find the BB-8 droid on Amazon for about $115 now. Both new droids also have the same capabilities as the BB-8, and they both work with the Force Band as well so if you already have that you can use it to control your droid's movements instead of using the app, which is how you would normally control it.

Along with the two new droids Sphero has also revamped the companion app, which now allows you to control all three droids at once. You can even send them out on patrols simultaneously so they become familiar with the area that you'll be using them in. While each of the two new droids are mostly the same as each other and the BB-8 droid, there are a couple of differences. BB-9E has a stronger exterior, and the R2-D2 droid switch between bipod and tripod stances. All three droids can also interact with each other on their own autonomously which is pretty cool if you're a fan of the Star Wars franchise, as it seems like the droids are actually fully operational and makes for a more immersive user experience. Naturally, both new droids also come with signature LED lights specific to their characters for a more authentic look. If you're looking to grab one or both of the new droids, you can do so by hitting the buttons below or by going to Sphero's website.

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