Smartphone Upgrader 2017 Emulates iPhone Or Essential Phone


A new app from CODO DODO Damian Piwowarski called "Smartphone upgrader 2017," now allows users to emulate the screen design of either Apple's iPhone X or Essential's PH-1. It accomplishes that by emulating the screen shape of the devices, including the empty spaces where the two house their front-facing cameras and other sensors. It's also fairly obvious that the app is intended to be a kind of a gag, poking harmless fun at either of those two devices.

As to the app itself, users who download Smartphone upgrader 2017 are met with a sparsely populated UI, featuring a couple of toggles, three buttons, and a banner ad. Some of those elements change depending on which toggles are activated, but the buttons remain the same throughout and include a mute switch, a way to donate to the app's creator and a link to more applications. Aside from that, users will see two toggle switches – one labeled "Turn your phone into an iPhone X", while the other is labeled "I prefer Android." Flipping the first switch results in the app starting up the song What's Up by the group 4 Non Blondes. The screen will then begin to flash rapidly through a series of rainbow colors and an iPhone-like black notch will appear along the top of the screen. Beyond that, the word "courage" appears on screen, alongside a slider to adjust the scale of the change. Navigating back to the home screen reveals that the notch has been added to the device's home screen, as well as other elements similar to the new iPhone.

Meanwhile, toggling the second switch will change the first toggle's label to read "Turn your phone into an Essential Phone." As expected, toggling that other switch afterward results in a more Essential-inspired change – namely a smaller, more rounded black notch. The slider to resize the UI also appears, though the label now reads "So innovative." Aside from that, the application is pretty pointless, but that may actually be the point. The developers note in its description that Smartphone upgrader 2017 was really just created "for fun" and, realistically, it accomplishes that task pretty well. Bearing that in mind, even if it isn't likely to hang around in anybody's app drawer for long, it is definitely well worth a look.


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