Smart Home Weekly: Why Nest is Entering the Home Security Market

This week, Nest held an event in San Francisco where the company announced a slew of new products and effectively doubled its product portfolio. The company announced Nest Secure, it's home security system, Nest Hello its smart doorbell and Nest Cam IQ Outdoor (it also is updating the Nest Cam IQ Indoor to have Google Assistant built in). All of these products already have competitors from other companies, like Ring. Many have wondered why Nest waited so long to jump into the home security market. And well, it's a very Apple-y reason why the company has done just that - and that shouldn't surprise you, considering the company was founded by a number of former-Apple engineers.

Nest Secure is arguably one of the better looking and easier to setup, home security systems out there. There are plenty of others on the market, some that are much cheaper, but simply don't look as nice, nor are they as easy to set up. And that's a philosophy that Nest has used for all of its products. Not only transforming your home into being a bit smarter, but also making it easier to do so. There are three components to Nest Secure, there's Nest Guard, Nest Detect and Nest Tags. Nest Guard is basically the base where you can arm and disarm your system. With Nest Tags making it easy to touch to the Nest Guard to disable the alarm and Nest Detect can be placed on windows and doors, which can detect when these windows and doors are opened. The whole system costs $499, and you can also purchase extra Nest Detect and Nest Tags.

That's the basics, Nest Secure. But that's not all for Nest's home security system. The company also has a few other products that will work well with Nest Secure and make sure your home is nice and safe. That includes the Nest Cam IQ both the indoor and outdoor models. The indoor one is great to have in a corner, since it has a wide angle lens built in and can see the entire room. While the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is great for posting up outside - it does also sport a wide-angle sensor - and keep an eye on what's happening outside. These offer up 4K resolution video, which does seem like a bit of overkill for a security camera, but the main advantage here is that you are able to zoom in on a subject in the video, and it isn't pixelated. Making it easier to see who it was (especially if you were robbed or something).

The last product that Nest announced this week was Nest Hello. This is the company's smart doorbell, and there are definitely other competitors on the market, and it's tough to say how well Nest Hello will do since there was no pricing announced - and availability is Q1 2018, so there's still plenty of time before this hits the market. But the Nest Hello is a smart doorbell which has a wide-angle camera (160-degrees to be exact) built in, so you can see who is at your door, or who is coming to your door before they get there. It looks a lot like Ring's Video Doorbell, but since it's part of the Nest ecosystem, it works with your other Nest products, like Nest Secure. And combining Nest Secure, Nest Hello and the new Nest Cam IQ cameras together, you have a full-fledged security system that is also pretty smart.

So why has Nest waited until now to get into this market? Simplicity. Nest held quite a few demos at its event this week, showing just how easy it is to setup these new products, specifically Nest Secure, and the app walks you right through the entire process. So it really can't be much easier to setup, and that's where Nest excels. Even with its other products like the Nest Cam, Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect, all of which are easy to setup and install. Nest feels that making a product super easy to setup, install and use is more important than being first to market with a new product. And as we already mentioned, that is something that Apple does quite a bit. And where the majority of Nest's first employees came from Apple, it's not surprising to see Nest do just that. Now Nest Secure is up for pre-order now, so it's going to be a bit before we see how easy it is to setup in a non-controlled environment like a demo station. But there's plenty of hype for Nest Secure, and it should be a great product for the company.

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