Samsung Has Opened an AI Lab in Montreal

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Samsung has joined Facebook, and opened up its own artificial intelligence lab in Montreal. Facebook recently announced that it had also opened up an artificial intelligence lab in Montreal, which is starting to become a big hub for those interested in AI. Both labs are on or near the University of Montreal campus and will be using some of its professors to staff the lab. Facebook has been using artificial intelligence for quite some time on its website, which is how it has targeted ads towards certain users, among other things. Now that Samsung has opened its lab there, it likely won’t be long before other tech giants join in as well.

This lab is part of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology of SAIT, and the lab actually opened last month. According to Samsung Electronics, the lab will be focusing on developing core algorithms for use in robotics, autonomous driving, translations, and voice and visual recognition. The lab will be housing some researchers from South Korea as well as staff from the university. One of the names mentioned was professor Yoshua Bengio, who has spent quite a bit of time in the deep learning and AI fields. SAIT is a part of Samsung’s research and development arm, however it researches tech and algorithms farther into the future than Samsung’s regular R&D labs do. According to Samsung, SAIT will be focusing on technology that will be used in about ten years from now.

AI or artificial intelligence is something that just about every tech company is working with for one reason or another. Huawei has used artificial intelligence to learn how you use your phone and keep the phone running faster over time, this was part of the features in the Huawei Mate 9, announced last year. Google is using artificial intelligence in its search engine, but also in the Google Assistant, to make the personal assistant a bit more personal, and understand everything you say to it, instead of just a few specific phrases. Google is also likely using it for other things as well. Not to mention Apple and Microsoft both using AI for various projects, as well as Facebook.