Rumor: Huawei 'Rhone' To Feature Dual Front, Dual Rear Cameras

Huawei Logo 2017 AH 6

According to a new rumor developing on Weibo, Huawei is preparing to release a new smartphone which is currently going by the “Rhone” codename. While there is not much to go on here, the one clear suggestion being made is that this smartphone will sport a dual rear camera setup. While that might not seem all that interesting considering the influx of smartphones now boasting dual rear cameras. In this instance, the dual rear camera setup will be in addition to a dual front camera setup. As a result, this will be a smartphone boasting four cameras in total, a first for Huawei.

Besides the dual – dual rear camera setups, the latest rumor on this Rhone phone suggests it will come powered by a Kirin 659 SoC, as well as coming equipped with a 3,240 mAh battery. Unfortunately, that is the extent to the details that have been provided so far on this smartphone. As to which phone Rhone will be, that also remains unclear.

The next phones expected to come from Huawei are the Huawei Mate 10 and the Mate 10 Pro. Both of which Huawei has confirmed will be introduced at a special event on October 16. Both smartphones are also expected to be announced touting a Kirin 970 – Huawei’s latest SoC which was only announced during the recent IFA 2017 event in Berlin. Which seems to immediately suggest that the rumored Rhone phone is very unlikely to be either of the Mate Series smartphones. Adding to that, much of the attention on the new Mate additions is on the Pro model, due to the belief this one will come with very limited bezels – as it will boast a ‘full display’ front panel. So it seems less likely the Mate range, or at least the Pro model, will come sporting two cameras on what is already a very limited amount of space on the front of the device. Then there is the next-in-line P-series smartphones from Huawei. As to be expected with that range, the next P smartphones will likely debut in the first few month of 2018, and will also likely come powered by a Kirin 970 SoC, suggesting that if the current rumor is correct, the dual front and dual rear camera Rhone will not be a 2018 P-series smartphone either. So this could either be a new line of camera-centric phones from Huawei, or possibly an upcoming Honor-branded phone.