Report: Google Ends Out-Of-Warranty Nexus 6P Replacements


Google has made a change to its policy regarding out-of-warranty replacement for failing Nexus 6P devices, according to a supposed email from the company shared on Reddit by user Poryhack. The message states that Google acknowledges that the Nexus 6P in question is faulty and in need of a replacement, but that Google will not replace the device. The message goes on to acknowledge that some units had been replaced and the policies surrounding out-of-warranty devices were changed. The Googler whose name was redacted by the source concluded the message by recommending contacting Huawei instead. This policy change has yet to be officially confirmed by Google, but if true, would leave a lot of users suffering from the Nexus 6P's infamous early shutdown bug without clear options.

Google has previously been replacing any Nexus 6P that could be proven to have the issue with new Pixel XL units, so long as there was no reason to suspect that user error or tampering was to be blamed for the problem. This policy change comes after many units had already been replaced with their superior Pixel counterparts, leaving Nexus 6P owners that waited too long with no recourse, and many have taken to the comment thread of the Reddit post in the source link to voice their ire at the situation. To make matters worse, many are reporting that Huawei is refusing to replace units or even batteries for free and is charging some users as much as $250.

The bug in question is affecting a significant number of Nexus 6P models and entails the phone suddenly shutting off long before the battery should actually be empty. Most users suffering from the issue seem to be reporting that the phone is shutting off when the battery is reporting between 60 and 30 percent of capacity left. The issue has been ongoing for over six months now with no end in sight. Many users have taken matters into their own hands, choosing to ignore Huawei's assertion that the issue is software-related and replacing their phones' batteries, with most reportedly seeing a measure of success in doing so. The problem emerged after a bootloop issue that forced many users to deal with a fix that disabled some of the phone's processor cores, trading the performance expected of a 2015 flagship Nexus device for the ability to use the phone at all.

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