Pokemon GO Equinox Event Brings Extra Stardust, Special Eggs

September 21, 2017 - Written By Daniel Fuller

Pokemon GO will feature double stardust for catching and hatching Pokemon during its new Equinox event which starts tomorrow, along with special 2-kilometer eggs that contain somewhat rare Pokemon such as Chansey, Mareep, and Larvitar. On top of that, the in-game shop will now feature a new product in the form of special boxes that can contain a number of themed items including Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, and even a Super Incubator that’s capable of hatching eggs at a 150 percent speed. To round out the list of benefits for the span of the event, players who log a new Pokemon in their Pokedex will receive triple the normal amount of experience for the encounter, meaning that this is the best time to approach the Johto-native legendary Pokemon. The event will run from 1:00 PM PDT on September 22 until the same time on October 2.

This event’s overt egg theme conceals some big strategic benefits for diligent players. For starters, three Pokemon that don’t typically appear often are going to be available in the game’s smallest egg group, which means that players who want extra XP and don’t have these pocket monsters can cash in. Paired up with that are the item boxes and their new Super Incubator which will allow players to hatch those special eggs by walking only 1.5 kilometers. To amplify the XP bonus for new Pokemon, the massive XP inherent in catching a legendary Pokemon will be tripled during the event if you haven’t already caught the Pokemon in question, and the timing of the event will allow determined and skillful players to catch two different legendary Pokemon with triple XP since the legendary Pokemon will rotate at the end of September.

As a refresher, the Johto legendary Pokemon, being the three legendary dogs, are out and about for the rest of this month and through October, and will be rotating on September 30. Suicune, Entei, and Raikou will all be migrating to a new third of the world. It bears mentioning that one Johto legendary, being Lugia, has already come and gone. Two others, being Celebi and Ho-Oh, have yet to appear in the mobile game, and since other legendaries are out right now, they likely won’t be appearing at the moment. It is also worth noting that the three legendaries that are out right now will be rotating for the last time at the end of October, and after the end of November, they’ll be gone until the next time Niantic rolls them out.