PRICE UPDATE: Pick Up the Photive M90 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for $49.95 – 9/15/17


Photive has discounted their M90 Bluetooth Speaker to just $49.95 right now. Typically this speaker runs closer to $100. Which makes this a pretty great deal, especially for those that need to pick up a new speaker for their desk or whatnot.

This Photive M90 Bluetooth Speaker is a larger, but still portable speaker and it is also waterproof. Making it a great choice to take outside and use near or in the pool, or even in the shower – we all know how often we sing in the shower. This one delivers around 20W of sound, and there is also a passive subwoofer inside which is going to provide plenty of sound, and great sounding audio at that. We're also looking at 10 hours of battery life, which doesn't sound like a lot for a speaker of this size, but it's important to remember that when there is more power for audio and a passive subwoofer involved, that it needs more power and thus decreases battery life without adding in a huge battery.

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Price Update: The price has been updated to $59.99

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