PacketZoom Launches Free Analytics Platform 'Mobile IQ'

PacketZoom Mobile Analytics

PacketZoom on Tuesday officially announced the completion of its end-to-end Mobile Application Performance Management and Optimization (APMO) platform which comes with the official launch of Mobile IQ, the last piece of its software puzzle. The firm describes the move as an industry-first, especially in the context of the tool itself being free to use for app developers while simultaneously providing them with a plethora of capabilities. The San Mateo, California-based company stated that its solution differs from similar services in several ways – it’s built specifically for mobile apps, designed with the goal of gathering real-time performance analytics, and is being offered as an entirely free service which PacketZoom intends to keep that way in the long term.

The firm claims that the majority of existing APMO platforms have limited real-time capabilities, whereas Mobile IQ was designed from the ground up with the goal of serving live information, allowing developers to track performance of their offerings and even troubleshoot issues as they happen. The solution allows you to set up alerts for a wide variety of triggers and have real-time control over every aspect of your product while simultaneously being able to prioritize some of its components if you so choose to. Content redirection, blocking, and prioritization is also part of the package here, as are straightforward connection setups, PacketZoom said. Mobile IQ is fully compatible with a number of popular platforms like Cordova, Unity, and the React Naive framework and doesn’t compromise app performance in any way, being carefully programmed to utilize the app’s existing bandwidth in a conservative manner so as to not put a strain on any system and negatively affect the end-user experience, its creators claim. Furthermore, the service is capable of benchmarking apps and compare their performance to that of other apps in its category that PacketZoom analyzed in the past.

Mobile IQ is now available as a single software development kit (SDK) that PacketZoom intends to keep free, suggesting that it intends to monetize its product by using the data it gathers instead of outright charging developers for any particular service. The solution is meant to complement the company’s Mobile Expresslane technology for app acceleration, with the two now being bundled together and offered as a comprehensive, end-to-end platform. Mobile developers are still able to take advantage of PacketZoom’s offerings without changing the code of their apps, with the company being expected to continue pursuing the same product strategy in the future.