OnePlus & Castelbajac Release Limited Edition OnePlus 5


OnePlus has announced a limited edition of its flagship OnePlus 5 smartphone, made hand in hand with internationally famous French fashion designer and artist Castelbajac. The limited-run smartphone is part of OnePlus' new "Callection" and is accompanied by a number of limited run accessories. The entire lineup embodies both art and fashion, with a heavy dose of Castelbajac's trademark whimsy. The device, wallpapers, and accessories are teeming with loose designs, thick lines, and irreverently bright and loud colors. The phone itself has a unique color scheme for the hardware buttons, and sports a mantra on the back. Upon booting it up, you'll find 10 wallpapers, along with "a few other surprises" left by OnePlus and Castelbajac. The entire set will be shown off at a pop-up event on September 22, at the Colette gallery in Paris.

The accessories reflect the same unabashed, carefree attitude seen in the phone and its wallpapers. There are two different T-shirts available, a dual-layered tote bag, a Never Settle baseball cap, a unique red, blue and yellow phone holster that's worn much like a gun holster, and an equally colorful waist-worn case bag that's reminiscent of a fanny pack, but seems fit to be worn in the front instead. As of this writing, some of the items are not available for purchase quite yet. Prices for the accessories are not modest, but not exorbitant either, hovering around the $20 to $30 range for what's currently available.

As far as the device itself, nothing in the press release indicates any hardware differences from the normal OnePlus 5. This means that buyers can likely expect the same screen, same processor, same camera, same RAM options, and same storage options found on the normal edition of the flagship. This special edition of the OnePlus 5 has not been opened up for ordering just yet, and a price has not been revealed. You can go through the source link to sign up for email updates on the product line leading up to the big reveal at Colette on the 22nd, at which point prices for the phone and all accessories are likely to be revealed, along with just how long would-be customers have to get their hands on them before they're gone for good.


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