New OnePlus 5 Ad Talks About Camera's 'Pro Mode' Features

OnePlus 5 Pro Mode ad 1

Following a trio of ads that the company published on YouTube yesterday, OnePlus has released yet another such video, though this one is somewhat different than the others. This new ad is called “OnePlus 5 – Exploring Pro Mode with Kevin Abosch”, and it actually features a well-known visual artist and portrait photographer, Kevin Abosch, who talks about the OnePlus 5’s camera, and the features that its ‘Pro Mode’ offers, read on.

The OnePlus 5 sports a dual camera setup on the back, one regular, RGB lens, and one telephoto one, which lets the phone capture really nice images with a bokeh effect. Having said that, the phone’s ‘Pro Mode’ lets you set up your camera just right for a specific scenario, in case you don’t trust the auto setting, or are you just trying to pull out a perfect shot which is set up just the way you like it. In this video, Mr. Abosch explains how you can access the phone’s ‘ Pro Mode’ option, which will throw a bunch of options your way. Once you enter the camera’s ‘Pro Mode’, you will immediately notice the histogram in the upper left corner of the interface, and for those of you who are unaware, the histogram can help you balance a picture, so that the clouds are not overblown, for example. It will tell you if a part of your image is way too dark or way too light, which can be a really useful tool to avoid overblown images. Next to the histogram, lies a setting for an adjustable screen ratio on grids.

In this mode, you can also set up a timer, and shoot in RAW format, which is an option you’ll notice in the left portion of the camera’s interface. Now, on the right side, there are five other options for the camera, which will let you choose the right ISO for your image, setup up the shot’s white balance, and also adjust the camera’s shutter speed. Some additional focus options are included here, and exposure settings are placed right above aforementioned focus settings. All of these options have a specific function which can help you get the best out of the OnePlus 5’s camera(s), and if you’d like to know more, check out the embedded video down below.