Nest Wants To Protect Your Home With A Smart Security System

Nest wants to protect your home with a smart security system. Today, the company is announcing Nest Secure, a smart security system that is comprised of a few different products to ensure that you feel safe in your home and when you're away from it so that you can have some peace of mind. Officially called the Nest Secure Alarm System, this home security kit includes the the Nest Guard, the Nest Detect, and the Nest Tag, all working together to secure the home but maintain its ease of use for the consumer.

The Nest Guard is the main piece of equipment and offers three different functions in one unit. The Nest Guard houses the alarm, as well as a motion sensor and a keypad for enabling and disabling the alarm when you leave and return to the home. It uses lights and a voice system to inform you of what's happening, and Nest says the alarm is loud enough to scare off intruders. The unit is powered by plugging it into your wall outlets but it's also capable of operating off of battery power just in case of a power outage so you aren't left unprotected.

Arming and disarming the Nest Guard is fairly simple and just a tap away thanks to the Nest Tags, which are little key fobs that you can place on your key ring. Users will just need to tap the Nest Tag to the Nest Guard like shown in the image below and the system will arm itself as you leave. When you come home, you can disarm the system in the same way. It's also possible to arm and disarm the nest Guard through the keypad if you would rather enter the code, or in the event that someone who doesn't have one of the tags needs to be able to arm or disarm the system. In addition the system can also be armed or disarmed through the Nest app. This should come in handy if users forget to arm the Nest Secure alarm system as it will alert users on their phone, allowing them to then go into the app and make sure the system is armed.

The last piece of the system is the Nest Detect, which are little motion sensors that are versatile yet powerful. They can be placed on windows, walls, or doors and they will detect both motion and when either the windows or doors are opened or closed. This piece of equipment also has a button on it that allows you to open windows or doors without setting off the alarm but also keeping it armed so you don't have to disable it first. Nest Secure will be available for pre-order at Nest's website and at Best Buy from today and will ship in November, and there are two different bundles that will be available. There's the Starter Pack, which will cost $499 and come with the Nest Guard, two Nest Detect sensors, and two Nest Tags, or there will be the Starter Pack that comes bundled with the Nest Cam Outdoor which will cost $598. Customers can also purchase additional Nest Detect sensors for $59 each, and additional tags for $25 each. As of right now the Nest Secure alarm system is only going to be available in the U.S., but it will be launching in Canada and Europe in 2018.

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